“They ain’t making no more!” on Hilton Head Island

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Mark Twain and Will Rogers shared a sentiment as Twain said, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”.  This is especially true on an Island, like Hilton Head.  With over 97% of the Island developed there are timing opportunities that exist right now with vacant land.  In fact, last week one of our home owners on the Island purchased the land adjacent to his home to protect his privacy and for investment.  Land is one of the easiest forms of ownership and the land deals today are very compelling! Read the rest of this entry

Over 62? Reverse yourself into Hilton Head!

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Do you dream of living on Hilton Head Someday?
Let’s assume you own a home free and clear in Ohio, or have a small mortgage.  If you are over 62, you can get a Reverse Mortgage on the current property, and use the proceeds to purchase a Hilton Head  home or villa!  And the best part is that you have no payment on the home “up North”.  Reverse Mortgage Program. Read the rest of this entry

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