1st Quarter for Hilton Head Sellers

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The Heritage cannons signal more than golf, they signal the middle of the  Hilton Head Spring Selling Season.  This years winner Carl Pettersson is celebrating his plaid and we have had the opportunity to assist sixteen of our sellers in the first quarter celebrate too.  If you are not celebrating, this is a perfect time to do have a half time review. Read the rest of this entry

Top 10 Hilton Head Blogs in 2011

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Listed below are the top 10 best blogs that we posted in 2011 based on Google Analytics.  These blogs were the highest read blogs of the year.  Just click on the link below to revisit any of these articles. If you would like to see the entire list of blogs, just click this link to our archive.  Please let us know via email what your favorite blog article in 2011 was and what you would like to see in 2012!  Thank you.

The Top 10 Blogs in 2011:

10.  How to buy a short sale property on Hilton Head Island(Feb 16)

 9.   Hilton Head Half Time Long Term Rental Update(June 8)

 8.   A Blurb about Hilton Head Trends(Jan 12)

 7.   Hilton Head Island Homes for $250,000 will sell like hotcakes!(Sept 21)

 6.   Do sellers recieve a 1099 in a foreclosure and a short sale?(Aug 23)

 5.   Beaufort County Real Estate Tax Appeals(Nov 12)

 4.   Pros/Cons for buyers of Short Sales on Hilton Head Island(Mar 9)

 3.   Charles Fraser, the alligator and the story(March 22)

 2.   Attention Hilton Head Shoppers first come, first serve on these villas(July 18)

 1.   Thanksgiving meals on Hilton Head Island(Nov 4)

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