The Heritage cannons signal more than golf, they signal the middle of the  Hilton Head Spring Selling Season.  This years winner Carl Pettersson is celebrating his plaid and we have had the opportunity to assist sixteen of our sellers in the first quarter celebrate too.  If you are not celebrating, this is a perfect time to do have a half time review.

About half will sell this year

Looking back over the last 12 months, one out of every two homes sold on Hilton Head Island. It all comes down to the battle for the buyer.  If buyers are convinced our properties are the best value of their type in the market place they will make an offer.  Buyers today have the option of buying value and do not have to negotiate, because there are lots of properties to choose from just down the street.

Don’t dilly dally with “over” pricing

According to NAR, last year 43% of the sellers would not reduce their price.  That could be why only half of the homes sold on Hilton Head in the last 12 months.  Sellers did not go to market.  Today, with all the information available to buyers, there is no possibility to sell a property for more than what it is worth.  Almost 50% of the buyers find the property they end up purchasing on the Internet all by themselves.  They know what value is and have access to all the information.  In order to attract a buyer to a property it needs to stand out.  If the asking price is over 3% of market value, sellers reduce the odds of showings and working with offers.  It is really that simple.

Half of the Spring Selling Season to go!

Market activity has not started to wain…yet.  The odds of selling a property this year will increase only if the property is correctly valued.  Of course some sellers may get lucky, but the property will never sell for more than its worth.  Why  rely on luck.  Did you hear the cannon?