Hilton Head Company “Leans in” to get their properties sold in 2013!

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2013 HNY-Hilton HeadWe are “leaning in” to get our properties sold before the New Year.  The inventories that we were throwing on the shelf 2-3 years ago are now flowing back into the market keeping prices in check.  It is decision time and waiting another year to sell, will most likely cost money to get there.  We are tweaking photos, content and even location to get our sellers to the finish line.

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Are you an agent taking a break from real estate?

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If you are stepping back from your real estate business on Hilton Head or moving in another direction, we have a proposal we would like to share with you.  Your database holds present value that if it is worked correctly, will become a profit center for you.  If, however, you let this database sit or turn it over to the wrong agent, it will become worthless.  We recently helped an agent close five transactions in her database.  It was found money! Read the rest of this entry

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