Where can we watch 4th of July Fireworks on Hilton Head Island?

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This years 4th of July fireworks locations on Hilton Head Island will be Harbourtown, Shelter Cove and Skull Creek Marina.  While the fireworks will be set off from these three areas, they can also be enjoyed from a boat, a dock, the beach or even Daufuskie Island.   This years high tide will be around 6 pm, so when the fireworks are set off there will be plenty of beach to watch them from.  Below are the hours for the Hilton Head Islands 4th of July Firework displays!  Read the rest of this entry

Hilton Head Island Summer

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Dear friends, referrals, new visitors, and clients,

Summer on Hilton Head is a fun.

With one of the busiest spring real estate seasons we’ve seen in years our visitors are jumping in the car of their favorite Realtors to go find a good one before they are all gone. Coupled with affordable prices and incredibly low mortgage rates buyers are not waiting until their next visit.

Pricing is so good

We had a buyer step up recently on one of our properties and pay 96% of asking price…of course they started lower, but knew this was a chance of a lifetime type property. We have had a few properties where we were bidding with other buyers…and my clients all know I hate to lose!

Ideas for your Summer visit
Enjoy this summer on Hilton Head and if you need some double top secret things for fun, just email Jane for great ideas for your visit…

Happy Hilton Head 

Scroll down for the latest Hilton Head Articles and information about our wonderful Island.  Wondering about Real Estate Opportunities on Hilton Head?  Just send us an email.  Above all we wish for you a safe and Happy Summer and  always appreciate your questions, trust and referrals.   Thank you.

All the best,
Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers

Hilton Head, SC ~ Knock Wood, Hurricane Season is Here!

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For a six-month period starting on June 1, hurricane season is now upon us.  In a recent statement National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Jane Lubchenco said, “NOAA’s outlook predicts a less-active season compared to recent years. But regardless of the outlook, it’s vital for anyone living or vacationing in hurricane-prone locations to be prepared.”  For hurricane updates visit the NOAA Hurricane Center at www.nhc.noaa.gov  and below we have a short video below. Read the rest of this entry

Hilton Head Sellers Get Feedback

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We subscribe to a service called Showing Suite for our sellers.  This system sends an email to our sellers everytime their home is shown through a lockbox.  As well, in a day the agent that showed the property is asked 5 simple question including: how they liked it, did it make the buyers short list and will the agent show it again.  Below are some of the seller benefits this system provides.  If you would like to find out more, simply email us or call us at 800-932-3652. Read the rest of this entry

Will Alt-A Mortgage Products return to Hilton Head?

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The other day one of our clients that buys and sells Hilton Head real estate on a regular basis sent us this article on high end mortgages(Click Here).  We asked around for some ideas as to what this could mean and found out the following:  Alt-A are wall street securities allow for high quality borrowers to qualify outside of the fannie mae guidelines. So loans higher than $417k can be made to borrowers who have assets but little tax return income, etc etc etc.  This may mean that the street will soon be back into the market, which would mean the return of alt-A mortgage products. Which would be interesting. Or it could mean more traders have found a way to heavily profit from mortgages for a third time , with no added value ( of course ).

For more information, or discussion, please contact me.  Thank you.

Hilton Head Sellers should throw a dog a bone!

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In the past few transactions, I have submitted offers that sellers chose not to counter.  Now hear me out.  I understand the philosophy of starting too low and educating my buyer on how to purchase property by making a reasonable first offer.  The problem is that these purchasers have been pre-conditioned by the news that they should be rewarded in this current real estate market and want to make a lower initial offer in order to “stick their toe in the water”.  With good available inventory, a seller should almost always offer a coutesy counter to detemine the true intentions of the buyer and not run them off to another property. Read the rest of this entry

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