It pays to Shop Home Insurance on Hilton Head Island

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It’s a good idea to shop your property insurance in the Hilton Head area.  One of our clients will save $10,000 per year in flood insurance alone(with some modifications).   These savings may not be available for every property, but it certainly pays to shop.  This article on flood insurance  could be good news for many Hilton Head home owners.  If you would like some recommendations for Insurance Agencies in the Hilton Head area just let us know.  We can be reached at or call us at (843)785-7111.

Free medical and fire alarms on Hilton Head!

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Interested in a free Medical and Fire Alarm on Hilton Head?

A note from Mark Zoran:

As a Fire Fighter I see many issues daily the could be prevented or lessened, only if measures had been in place to monitor a person or dwelling.

Why? First many people today NEED these items,  but they create a financial burden. Not only to the user but also their family. Some people may not need a medical alarm but have always wanted a monitored Smoke Alarm to speak for them when they can’t or are not home. 

I believe that Fire Damage and Injury can be costly, preventing it shouldn’t be.  So, with that said the alarm is FREE. What’s included? The base unit (about the size of an answering machine), an emergency button (worn as a pendant, wrist band, or a belt clip), and if requested, a Smoke Detector. Because of the nature of this setup, renters have an advantage. The system is wireless and does not require any permanent installation. So if you happen to move you can bring the alarm with you!

There is a monitoring fee that works out to about $0.83 a day or 24.99 monthly. (Many other companies charge between $35 and $50 monthly) This fee is Tax deductible as a medical expense and if the smoke detector is opted for, it may reduce Home Owners Insurance up to 26% in some cases (Please contact your Insurance Agent for details).

Obviously not everyone needs a Medical Alert System for their home, that is why we are offering the monitored smoke detector FREE as well. Many people have wanted a monitored smoke detector but were unable to justify the high initial costs incurred. Now people won’t have the worries of an initial investment.

This system may not apply to you. But how about your family, parents or friends. As we can ship these units anywhere, they don’t have to live in Beaufort County. It is my goal to supply all who want and need these alarms are allowed to have access to them. You can’t put a price on life safety. So I won’t.

Thank You
Mark Zoran
Owner / Operator

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