An update from David Crowell:

Dear Friends,

The last two years have been uniquely difficult in the housing market. The good news is here, and it needs to be trumpeted: The cost of home ownership is at its lowest in decades! 

Consider the following:

  • Interest rates are as low as they have ever been, and are today 42% lower than in April 2006 (at the height of the boom)
  • Single family residences are priced at least 25% less than at the height of the boom
  • The combined financial effect is a 55% DISCOUNT in the cost of home ownership

Understand and practice talking about it. For example, “You can own a $500,000 home at the cost of a $230,000 home!” OR you can own a $500,000 home but make half the payment!”  We all need to say to our clients:

“If you are lucky enough to be a BUYER versus a SELLER in this market, there is NO remaining rational reason to delay. This is the very best moment in decades.”

Any client who needs convincing should be encouraged to call me or one of my team. WE BELIEVE IT!!! We will confidently SELL for you!

Warm Regards,

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