Sell your Hilton Head Property When Price and Value are in Alignment

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The best properties won’t sell unless the asking price mirrors the value of the property for sale on Hilton Head.  In the past, sellers would receive offers if a property was priced incorrectly.  Nowadays, buyers just move to the next property without ever making an offer or coming back for a second time.  Because of this, many home sellers are adjusting the asking price of their property.  In fact, yesterday 17 sellers decided to adjust their price because they understand the difference between price and value.  Read the rest of this entry

Thank you for 26 years of community support!

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A lot of people think a realtors job is all about the money, but Jane and I have a different reason.  Until you meet us, you will never know, but when we get feed back like this, we know we are doing what we love.  If you would like for us to represent you as a buyer or seller, take a minute and read some of these testimonials.  Call us and see!


Hilton Head, SC ~ Sellers Questions to Ask

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Questions To Ask Your Hilton Head Realtor

  1. How long have you been a licensed Realtor?
  2. Do you work as full-time Realtor?
  3. Do you have assistant that works for you?
  4. How many homes did you list last year that sold?
  5. How many homes did you list last year that failed to sell?
  6. How many of the listing you took did you actually sell yourself?
  7. How many transactions did you do last year?
  8. What was your average list price to sales price for your listings?
  9. What are the average day your listing has been on the market?
  10. What are the real estate board average day on the market?
  11. Where do you advertise and how often?
  12. How do you communicate with sellers and how often?
  13. Why should I hire you?

I would love to answer these for you anytime…just email for our answers to the above questions.  Thank you.


Robbie and Jane brought creative internet marketing, a selling strategy and positive approach to the marketing of our home that had been on the market earlier without success”.  The Brinks continued “Robbie and Jane customdesigned a presentation and a plan that we stuck to and we sold our home in 30 days (June) this year… for more than what others thought we could!  In fact, the offer came before the buyer actually saw the property in person.  Bob & Karen Brink, Charlotte, NC

Robbie Bunting and Jane Hyerswere recommended to us by our local Realtor in North Carolina.  She found Robbie and Jane through her association with “Leading Real Estate Companies of the World”.  She helped us arrange a teleconference with Robbie and Jane and after we interviewed 3 realtors we picked you all because we liked Robbie’s directness about the market, his optimism and his confidence.          Joe and Sandy Quinn, NC

Robbie not only helped us purchase a superb home on Hilton Head Island but sold a previously owned townhouse very quickly to help us have the funds to purchase with cash and make a far better deal. His guidance throughout both transactions have been very attentive and professional. We would, and already have, referred Robbie to our friends and relatives for any future home searches and purchases knowing that they would receive the same professional attention that we received.  Don & Tracie Highley, IL


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Tax time is here again, and for those who purchased in 2010, this is your opportunity to appeal.  Your appeal must be filed by the end of 2011.  The good news is that even if you purchased in 2008 or 2009 you can still appeal.  Like the 2010 purchaser, the 2008 and 2009 appeals may only appeal with transfers that occur in the year of purchase and no transactions after the year of purchase may be used as a basis.  Unfortunately, if the property was acquired before January of 2008 the chance of a successful appeal is minimized.  Realtors ® did make some positive strides in 2011 to change the 2006 Point of Sale tax code but the change only benefits 2011 purchases and only those assessed at the 6% rate or commercial properties. In a nutshell, if the property had been acquired after 2002, the chance of benefiting by this law is minimized because the purchase price less 25% cannot be below the property’s Fair Market Value of record. Read the rest of this entry

Palmetto Hall Golf and Community

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Palmetto Hall is located on the north end of Hilton Head Island and offers great property, a wonderful community and two great golf courses.  Fall is a great time to play 36 holes of golf and Palmetto Hall offers The Arthur Hills and Robert Cupp golf courses within the same community…If you are visiting the Island and would like to learn more about the Palmetto Hall, please e-mail us at or call us anytime at (843)842-0805.  Thank you



Free Hilton Head Photo Library

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We are always looking for great photos to help market and promote Hilton Head  and our properties.  Therefore we would like to start a free Hilton Head Photo Library.  These photos can include the beach, sunset, a restaurant, a sunset, a time of day, a marina, a school, the airport, a front gate, trees, dolphin or anything that is appropriate for promoting the Hilton Head Area.  If you have a great photo of Hilton Head Island that you own and would like to donate to our library, please email us the photo to  These photos will be shared with other Realtors, our clients and our friends.  It is our hope that this library helps us sell the Hilton Head Island Lifestyle and agents will use these photos to promote their properties.  Thank You.

Real Estate 101 on Hilton Head Island!

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Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Associates ~

A long time ago, a fellow agent pulled me aside and said, “Robbie, clients do not care know how much you know, until they know how much you care!”  This has helped shaped my future dealings with all buyers and sellers.  Along the way though I have also learned that buyers and sellers want a few basics before they get down to business.  These include competency, confidence and an intent statement that become a road map for the sales process to flow smoothly.

Competence on Hilton Head Island

The competency statement is a chance to provide the seller or buyer with your resume and credentials.  It needs to be factual and straight to the point.  One I have used is, “Before we get started you probably have some questions about me.  I have been a REALTOR now for over 24 years on the Island (new agents should use company credentials i.e. My company has been in real estate since 1979)and have been serving clients just like you through these years.  I love what I do and have a great assistant and company that backs me up every step of the way.   I work hard to know the current market, the opportunities it presents and am able to advise and help you achieve your goals.  OK, lets get started”  Every agent should have a competency statement prepared.  It does not have to be canned, it just needs to be conveyed in the beginning as they do not know who you are!

Confidence on Hilton Head Island

You have one shot at a good first impression.  Through the years I have learned in Real Estate that there are certain freebies for REALTORS and the first impression is an easy one.  Freebies for Realtors include being prepared, appropriate dress, clean automobiles, being on time, and a postitive attitude.  Confidence is an inside job, but some confidence builders include smile,  hang out with positive agents, attend presentations by your Board, read positive material(www.bloghiltonhead), listen to motivation tapes, and skip the headlines.

Intent in Hilton Head Island

Before an agent should ever interview for a listing or show property, they need to establish intent with their client.  An intent statement is as simple as asking a purchaser if they have their “checkbook” before showing any property.  Here is one I have used, “Today we are going to see some great properties.  If we discover a property that  matches your needs now or in the future, I am going to ask you to buy”  Is that OK with you?”  The beauty of a good intent statement is that it allows everyone to relax through the process and unites the agent with their client in a common goal.

Bottom Line

As professionals, competency and intent statements can make the difference between making a friend and also making a sale.  Good Luck and… 

Happy Selling!!!

Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers


Great Listings t0 practice with

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