State Of the Island Address~Hilton Head Style

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We had a great summer on Hilton Head Island. We hope you did too!  Some highlights included 320 sea turtles nesting on our beaches, our new Shelter Cove Towne Center Grande Opening, the addition of new Sea Pines amenities and a record breaking rental season.  As the busy summer season winds down, we move into timing opportunities for Hilton Head Island for property owners, buyers and sellers.  Read the rest of this entry

House sales are HOT this summer on Hilton Head!

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Happy House Hunting Hilton HeadWhen it comes to Hilton Head home sales this summer, buyers are not waiting for their next trip.  There has been a 25% increase in home sales on Hilton Head Island this June compared to last year’s June.  Off Island(over the bridge), home sales jumped a whopping 53% over the same month last year.  All bets are off as inventories start dropping and interest rates start moving…in the meantime, Happy House Hunting Hilton Head!  Read the rest of this entry

View is Everything on Hilton Head Island

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Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and DaufuskieView has a big impact on the ultimate market time and selling price of Hilton Head Real Estate.  That’s because Hilton Head buyers determine value based on the view out the back door.   The bigger the view, the bigger the price.  This can make identical villas in the same community vary in value by thousands of dollars and is typically factored in when buying or selling a Hilton Head Property.

Determining View Value on Hilton Head

View value on Hilton Head can be determined by comps, past histories, market research or a knowledgeable local Realtor.  One way to determine view value is to “shop” or compare similar properties in the neighborhood with equal views.  Because the value of Hilton Head real estate is based on view, values on Zillow and Trulia are usually off.  If you are wondering what the true view value is, shoot me an email, call me at (843)785-71111 or pop in anytime.  Thank  you.

No Cliffs on Hilton Head Island

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Most Hilton Head buyers base their purchasing decision more on emotion than logic.  As we drive around the Island, Hilton Head buyers rarely ask how much mortgage interest they get on this one or that one.  While the mortgage interest deduction is important, its not the main reason to own a great property on Hilton Head.  There are other reasons and with over 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 everyday we do expect to get calls even if the Bush Era Tax does expires.  Hopefully it does not. Read the rest of this entry

How much does it cost to sell a home you love?

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It took me 4 years to sell a house.  Let me explain.  This was not just any house, it was my home.  It had my sons feet and hands and even Granma V’s feet and hands pressed into the new concrete drive when it was built in 1998.  It had notches marked into the bookshelf as our boys grew into teens(and some friends too).  Many happy memories were made in this home and we loved it. Even my wifes yoga instructor felt the positive energy.  It was emotional and valuable. Read the rest of this entry

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