Hilton Head Properties never go stale

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Bananas have a shelf life, real estate does not.  Some sellers think that their property will get stale if it ison the market too long.  In fact, we have watched sellers take their property off the market, put it back on, take it off, put it back on and finally one day it sells.  They missed BUYERS because they did not understand the Hilton Head Market. Read the rest of this entry

Barnacle Bills, a favorite Hilton Head Seafood Stand!

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Barnacle Bill's RecipeIf you are planning on making a great dinner at home, stop and visit Barnacle Bills Seafood mid Island on Highway 278 (next to the old log cabin gas station).  Bill’s is a landmark and tradition on the Island with his seafood stand and his great attitude.   Not only will he entertain you, he will also help you select the freshest of seafood.  He specializes in locally caught seafood including Tuna, Snapper and other catchesof the day(he gets three deliveries daily so you can be assured it is fresh).  He told me he does not just verbalize how fresh it is, he helps others visualize what to look for when buying seafood.   Below is a note from Bill and to the left is a recipe for boiling shrimp(click on the photo on the left to make it larger)….his secret is to move it off the heat as soon as he puts the shrimp in!

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