Off Season is for Hilton Head Islanders!

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At this time of year, Islanders reclaim the Island.  This week we found several links we use at this time of year on Hilton Head Island.  These include gym memberships, early birds,our pool guy, a play and rowing memberships.  Of course, if you are looking to make a move this winter, we have some great properties at Read the rest of this entry

Vacation on Hilton Head Island!

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Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Associates ~

“The Winter” offers great weather on Hilton Head Island. Currently we are enjoying “chamber of commerce” days on the Island with temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s, blue skies and spectacular sunsets. The Island is kept warm by thermos(ocean breezes) over the warm sea. These sub tropical temperatures on Hilton Head Island are perfect for snowbirds or real estate shoppers looking for a warm weather escape. In fact, the winter is described as the sports season with perfect weather for golf, long beach walks, biking, tennis and other outdoor activities.

The Real Estate Market is quite busy with the market building from the bottom up and the top down. We are selling villas and homes under $750,000 at a fairly regular and predictable rate. With the forecast that interest rates may be on the rise in Spring 2010, buyers right now are seizing a timing opportunity for property, price and rates. 

As the market heals, we are seeing more activity in the upper price ranges on the Island as buyers bring their equity from up North to Hilton Head Island. The middle of our market are properties priced $800,000 – 2 million and offer much value after 2 years of adjustments.  

Of course, we have can arrange special travel packages at discounted rates for your next visit with our corporate agreements with other rental companies.  So before booking a villa, home or resort on Hilton Head Island, let Jane and I know your dates and preferences for your visit(by e-mail) and we will see how much we can save you.

From a great Island to visit in the Winter Months~

We are~

Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers

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P.S.S.  For October’s Market Trends Report for Hilton Head Island Properties +++CLICK HERE+++  Please visit for more our properties and to seach the MLS.

Hows the market, the weather and your family on Hilton Head Island?

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Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Associates ~

As a Realtor on Hilton Head Island I am often asked about three things.  The weather, the market and my family.  In order to save some time, I have summarized all of these in one handy print out.  So now when I meet a buyer I can hand this to them as we jump in the car to find their paradise!

Smart Buyers will rush to buy real estate this winter.  Interest rates are forecasted to rise in spring of 2010 if the Federal Reserve stops purchasing the mortgage-backed securitiees.   We could see interest rates crossing 6% by the end of March 2010 if this occurs.   This would mean a loss of buying power up to $60,000 for a $350,000 loan.  The additional interest alone would be $108,000 more paid over the life of this loan. 

Real Seasons of Hilton HeadHilton Head weather is simply better!   The Island is kept warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer by thermos or the ocean breezes over the warm sea(that is why you see people swimming in the ocean in January).  In fact, our moderate winter days are typically warmer than other inland southern cities.  As well winter months have less rain than the wetter summer months with sub tropical temperatures that are perfect for snowbirds or real estate shoppers looking for a warm weather escape.  The winter is the Island’s sports season, which is perfect for golf, long beach walks, biking, tennis and most other outdoor activities.

The real estate market is healing.  The market is healing from the bottom up and months of available inventory is decreasing in properties under $750,000.  As these markets heal, buyers with equity will be purchasing our larger properties that offer attractive pricing.  Homes will see a jump in all price points if the new housing credit passes later this week.  First-time home buyers would be eligible for $8,000, but purchasers don’t have to be first-time buyers. Anyone who has owned a home for at least five years could get a $6,500 credit on a new residence. 

My son’s are touring colleges.  Many of my clients have been buying and selling real estate with me before I had a family.  It is hard to believe for both of us that we are now looking at colleges.  My wife is a great planner and has made me realise it is important not to take a chance on time.  I pass this on to you as timing has never been better to buy real estate…please note time flies!

From Hilton Head Island with great winter weather, great prices and great families~


Robbie Bunting and Jane Hyers

P.S. Baby Boomers are now turning 60 at the rate of 8,000 a day and represent 38% of our total population in this country.  The way I see it based on 2.5 million visitors per year to Hilton Head Island, we have over 950,000 of these Baby Boomers visiting the Island with about 50,000 of them turning 60 years old every year for the next 17 years.  Our recommendation is to be ahead of this herd!  We are just beginning to hear the rumble.

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