Will Alt-A Mortgage Products return to Hilton Head?

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The other day one of our clients that buys and sells Hilton Head real estate on a regular basis sent us this article on high end mortgages(Click Here).  We asked around for some ideas as to what this could mean and found out the following:  Alt-A are wall street securities allow for high quality borrowers to qualify outside of the fannie mae guidelines. So loans higher than $417k can be made to borrowers who have assets but little tax return income, etc etc etc.  This may mean that the street will soon be back into the market, which would mean the return of alt-A mortgage products. Which would be interesting. Or it could mean more traders have found a way to heavily profit from mortgages for a third time , with no added value ( of course ).

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Foreclosure is NOT the answer!

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Right now, distressed sellers should choose a Short Sale over foreclosure.  Given that South Carolina is a recourse state, distressed sellers or property owners that are under water with their mortgage should consider taking action now.  In Florida, Wall Street Journal reports that some banks are going after sellers that may have had their homes, condos or second homes foreclosed upon.  In fact, there are now investors buying up these deficiency judgements.  The key for distressed sellers is that in a successful short sale negotiation it is possible to convince the lender to give up their pursuit of the deficiency judgement against the property owners.  Here are some other reasons to consider a  Short Sale vs. Foreclosure.  If you  would like for us to answer your questions or better explain the process, please email us at robbie@robbiebunting.com or call me direct at (843)842-0805

The Hilton Head Article Shared Round the World

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Last night I got a call from a Kentucky client that owns a second home in Palmetto Dunes.  He asked if I had seen the Wall Street Journal article titled Vacation Homes: Why it May Be Time to Buy.  It states “The blue-chip market consists of a handful of spots where prices have stabilized and could soon rebound as sales pick up. Some, such as Hilton Head, have benefitted from tough restrictions on building, which kept inventories manageable during the bust. Prices there have risen by 4% during the past year.”   Read the rest of this entry

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