Last night I got a call from a Kentucky client that owns a second home in Palmetto Dunes.  He asked if I had seen the Wall Street Journal article titled Vacation Homes: Why it May Be Time to Buy.  It states “The blue-chip market consists of a handful of spots where prices have stabilized and could soon rebound as sales pick up. Some, such as Hilton Head, have benefitted from tough restrictions on building, which kept inventories manageable during the bust. Prices there have risen by 4% during the past year.”  

Hilton Head Area is South Carolina’s Hottest Market

Another friend sent me the stats that support this.  One of these is from the South Carolina Realtors Association and shows that 2011 is up 11% in sales year for our villas, condos and homes.  The next supporting article was from our Hilton Head Area Multiple Listing Service which shows that the rolling three month median price comparison for the closings in 2nd quarter compared to first quarter were up a whopping 25% for homes, 9% for villas and 31% for land/lots.  Together with the best of selection and interest rates it is easy to see why buyers are jumping in.

The article shared round the world

Today I have received emails from about a dozen friends and agents with this WSJ link.  I decided this was a good thing and started sending it to my clients, friends and fellow associates.  Heck, I even forwarded it to all the agents that had someone  interested in one of our listings and suggested they forward it to their clients with a note that it may be time to make their move.  Than I started thinking…what if we all started sending this out to everyone.  My good friend from Kentucky would be proud of what he has started.

Hard to hold a Blue Chip like Hilton Head Back

Take a minute, breath in and think about the quality of life we have on Hilton Head Island.   Now take a minute and blog, share, tweet, link in, email or forward this great article to anyone and everyone you know that visits or loves Hilton Head Island like you and I do.  You” may” be amazed at what you get back!