Hilton Head Buyers get a tax break!

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If you have purchased a second home, lot or rental property in the Hilton Head Area (or are thinking about it), you are in for a break.  Governor Nikki Haley signed in a bill this week that will encourage investors back into the Hilton Head Island Real Estate Market. This bill will give home site owners and second home owners the opportunity to pay 25 percent less in property taxes or the fair market value in taxes on the property, instead of paying taxes on the sale price of the property. Read the rest of this entry

Hilton Head Real Estate Marketing Goes International

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The other day a client asked what we were doing to market our Hilton Head properties internationally.  The next day a buyer from Europe purchased one of my oceanfront listings and I quickly started researching ways that we have reached out to these buyers with our marketing.  I found that just in the last year we went international with our Multiple Listing Service and now reach out to international buyers with our listings promoted and published in six languages including French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Try it yourself and click here to search the Hilton Head MLS in the  language of your choice.   As well, I am a member to an international network of 35 countries, 17 time zones, 46 languages, and 15,000 communities through our association with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.  Bottom line…we are going international in our marketing of our properties. If you would like to explore or marketing programs and go international with us just call direct at (843)842-0805 or email us anytime at islandrealtor@hargray.com.  Merci!

Short Sales Rise to Aid Real Estate

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Short Sales Rise to Aid Real Estate.

Free 2nd Opinions on Hilton Head with Foskey Air!

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We have been tracking the number of Free second opinions to see how we are helping our customers. For every 5 Free second opinions we are called out to 2 are repairable for under $500. All too often homeowners accept bad news and just go with the first quote. Buyer beware! We have a list of customers who chose to take us up on our Free second opinion and found they only needed a $300 repair versus a $10,000 replacement. If you ever have a doubt call us for honest answers and affordable options in an industry full of HOT air.

 Warm Regards

Christine Foskey, Chief Operating Officer

Foskey Heating & Air, LLC

PO Box 4713

Hilton Head Island, SC 29938

(843)681-HEAT (4328)

(843)815-9921 fax

How to Find Great Hilton Head Real Estate

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We have created some great searches on our website www.HiltonHeadRealEstateNews.com. These searches include doing a Hilton Head Island Map Search which allows you to see the location and than find out more about the properties.  Those that are looking for the hottest and best properties might want to check back frequently for our Search for New Hilton Head Listings which highlites the best new listings in the last week.  Of course , there are those that love the bargains and you can always find our Search for Hilton Head Short Sale Properties or our Search for Hilton Head Foreclosures enticing with the very best distressed properties offered.  We never ask you to sign in to get information, but would love to know if we can help you as you research this market. We can set you up to receive great and new updates on the properties and areas you have interest in by clicking here Read the rest of this entry

Property Inspections on Hilton Head Island

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Rick Puplava of Southeast Inspection Services on Hilton Head Island shares with us ideas for buyers when they are purchasing a home or villa in the Hilton Head Area.  Rick offers inspections and invited the buyer along to learn more about the property that they are purchasing.  He also suggests having the property reinspected prior to closing with his services for $89.00 for the re-inspect fee.

Southeast Inspection Services can be reached at (843)757-1950 or email rpuplava@yahoo.com

Social “Notworking” and Sales

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Not sure why some confuse social networking with working.  What an oxymoron!  The guys that coined this phrase were really good salespeople.  Now I know clicking the computer may seem a whole lot easier than picking up the phone, but as a salesperson, social networking is low production time.  There are agents that I know with over 4,000 “friends” and only one sale for the year.  Now some are referring to social networking as social snacking.  Not really working at all.  I think our whole country would be a lot better off if we picked up the phone and spent more time working and less time “social notworking”.

If it ain’t easy to show, than it ain’t going to sell on Hilton Head

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supra_800Replacement properties on Hilton Head are easier than ever to find and sellers now risk losing buyers if they postpone or delay even one showing.  In order to sell, properties must offer easy access and the easier, the better.  Our Hilton Head agents are accustomed to “call first than lockbox” if the property is occupied.  Keep the showing instructions simple and uncomplicated for the agent and their buyer.  If you have showing  instructions that include 24 hour notice, agent must attend, no showings before 5, after 9 or on weekends, call tenant, call for appointment due to pets or any other restrictions you may want to revisit your showings with your agent.

We have a Great Main Sail for sale with great financing!

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Recently we found two unique sources of financing for 208 Main Sail. This formal developer owned model offers 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, incredible views, and beautiful furnishings in Shelter Cove Harbor on Hilton Head Island.  As one of the newest villas on the Island, you will love the big rooms, the high ceilings, the upgraded baths, the screened porch and the location of this property.  As lenders have made financing challenging, we have discovered a source of financing offering two great programs.
Read the rest of this entry

Fall is the best season to buy rental property on Hilton Head

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Hilton Head Rental Property this Fall

  1. Access into the properties is easier and we can shop for the best property faster
  2. Autumn is a great time to visit the Island with mild temperatures and a more relaxed pace
  3. Our special Hilton Head Island Preview Trip is available offering some great discounted accommodation rates
  4. A complete Rental History from the past summer is often available for review
  5. Visitors can make a bid that includes a contingency subject to their visit and approval.
  6. An owner’s use and rentals for the summer are now over and they become more interested in selling
  7. Many owners would like to sell their properties and close before the start of the new year
  8. The new owner can sign up with a rental company before the brochure deadline and start rental marketing before the busy booking season at the first of the year.
  9. The new owner gets to make changes or improvements during the slower and very enjoyable “off season”
  10. The new owner gets to use the property for two of the best seasons that include the incredible months of October and April
If you are looking to buy rental property on Hilton Head Island, there are other timing benefits to purchasing this fall.  If you would like to visit Hilton Head and explore with us the properties offered, please email us at islandrealtor@hargray.com or call us direct at (843)785-7111.  We will immediately email the best rental properties for sale, so you can plan your visit to Hilton Head Island.


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