Meaningful conversations are not always easy!

It is said meaningful conversations contribute to happiness.  One agent explained that he has been telling good people some tough stuff lately.  We all seem to dance around the tough subjects, but certainly it makes more sense to have a meaningful conversation before a selling season.  These tough conversations often revolve around issues including access, condition or price with timing on the sellers side for the upcoming fall season! 

Butterflies and Azaleas on Hilton Head Island

The strongest selling months in Hilton Head are those months around and including April when the azaleas are blooming and in October when the Monarch butterflies migrate south.  Although the Island has fewer visitors during these months, those that are visiting Hilton Head Island are researching and buying real estate for their present or future needs.  If you are going to get sold, everything needs to be in place during these times.

If you don’t plan the hunt, you are just walking in the woods!

Sellers need to be ready during the selling seasons.  If your property is not selling, find out from your agent the reasons why.  In the next few weeks, sellers should be pulling all stops.  Decluttering the garage, clearing off the kitchen/bath countertops, removing family photos, repainting the front door, cleaning, re-carpeting, arranging easier access and reviewing the value are all necessary.   Buyers will pass by properties that need attention in any of these areas today because of replacability.

Lights, camera and action!

During the prime selling season, a seller that has all their ducks in a row can sit back and relax(only minor tweeking may be necessary to get a contract).  If you are considering selling and would like for us to evaluate your property please feel free to email us or call us at 800-932-3652.