Below are some ideas for lot owers in this market:

1.  Trades  ~  Only in this type of market do we find owners of villas and homes that are interested in trading for lots.  The benefits to trading your lot for a villa or home include:

·        Offset ownership expenses by renting long or short term

·        Enjoy it as a second home.  

·        Move in to it

Your lot does not have to be debt free as the new loan is originated on the villa or home and the old lot loan is satisfied.  In fact, right now interest rates are fantastic for homes and villas. 

2.  Offer Seller Financing ~ Here is a great idea from my financial wizard team.  If you want to sell your lot and own it free and clear offer seller financing!  Right now our buyers of lots are having a difficult time finding loans.  The beauty of offering seller financing is you can earn 6-7% on your money.  In fact, that is better than holding on to it!  

The ideas above are to help us help you get your lot sold. Be well and let us know if you have any questions or ideas to share.

All the best,