Now is the time to buy real estate on Hilton Head Island! 

We are in a buying cycle.  These cycles come up once every ten years.    These cycles occur when the market offers price, selection and financing all at the same time.  These cycles come up when nGiven the Island’s natural beauty, the sub tropical temperatures, the world class amenities, the great shopping, and the wonderful dining we will soon see this opportunity disappear.  Just as it has done in the past.  .

Many of my clients are still celebrating their decision to get involved during these buying cycles.   These buying windows on the Island occurred in the mid 1980s after tax reform and Black Monday, in the early 1990s after the recession and even the 2000’s after 9 1 1.  Quite simply there are better times to buy real estate than others on Hilton Head Island.


Here are a few ways my clients have taken advantage of this buying cycle:

  • A Palmetto Dunes Villa owner (they purchased their villa years ago from me) just sold their villa(in less than 2 months) and found a incredible house in Hilton Head Plantation.  A few years back they would have spent more money to make this move and quite frankly may not have been able to find such a great home!  They spent an additional $150,000 to make this move to a bigger and better property!
  • Another client purchased a home close to the beach at an incredible price in Port Royal.  This home offers a walk to beach location, a fantastic view and at a price that is a deal!
  • We had two properties sell recently to money managers.  Who knows better about timing than these guys and gals.  

Please note that this window of opportunity in the past occurred only once every decade. If you would like to take advantage of the opportunities that this BUYING CYCLE offers, simply click on my “listing” link below and check out some of the UNBELIEVABLE  OPPORTUNITIES offered right now.  If you would like for me go shopping for you and find a deal, simply click on the Shopping List, fill it out and fax it back.  We will then send you via e-mail the best of the best too!  

All the Best!

Robbie Bunting &

Jane Hyers 🙂