Attention:  If you or anyone you else you know is a “cash” buyer waiting for the right property or the right timing, please contact me ASAP!  

I had two cash buyers call me yesterday looking to buy premier locations at below market values.  Both of these buyers know that the key to getting a good buy is to have patient money and to buy at the right time.  

I started selling real estate on Hilton Head during the 1986 tax reform and I must tell you some of the the best deals were made when the inventory levels were high and the consumer confidence was low.  In order to find one of those deals and more importantly to be able to react to it, you had to be either be lucky, a real estate agent or spend literally hours on the phone searching.  The nice thing about todays technology is, as I research and find truly outstanding properties that offer compelling prices and incredible locations I can simply hit a button and e-mail them to you.  The key to this being successful is to know what to look for and only select the very best values.     

If you, friends or family subscribe to my Best Sellers Club you will be e-mailed these properties as they pop up in the market.  Keep in mind they are popping up sporadically and irregularly.  Therefore you will not receive an e-mail until a real value is found!  The e-mails will include villas, homes and lots.  You may choose to use this as research or to react on it, either way you will be in the KNOW. 

My criteria for this list will be properties that are at minimum 25% or less under market value.  The location  and/or condition must be good or better in order to make them compelling enough to buy!  (Properties will include MLS properties, partnerships and trades.)

If you would be interested in being a part of my Best Sellers Club  please let me know as soon as possible.  My e-mail is my cell phone number is (843)338-4854.  As always, I appreciate the opportunity and trust to earn your business.  Please feel free to hit “forward” and send this to friends and family that are looking for a great value too!  Thanks again.

Happy Hilton Head 🙂

Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers

P.S.  If you would like to participate in the Best Sellers Club but would need financing, I have met with some local lenders that are enthusiastic about this club and would be happy to pre-qualify you so you can take part in this club and react quickly.   We are also seeing some creative financing including land contracts and seller financing on some of our special values.