Dear Palmetto Hall Owner~


Now more than ever you need a positive and professional REALTOR on your team.  The market is changing and we are adapting to this market positively.  I was the #1 Realtor in Palmetto Hall and #1 in closed transactions out of the 100+ agents at Dunes Marketing.  Some say it is their programs that work hard, but I think it is more than that…we work hard!      


You cannot afford to mess around in this market and you need to call me!  My credentials include starting the sales program for Palmetto Hall in 1991(Broker in Charge), owning a home in Palmetto Hall since 1991, raising my children there, and selling more property than all the other Island agents in Palmetto Hall since day one.  I simply know more folks, know more agents and have more facts about this wonderful community.   


What about you?  Do you plan on selling or buying?   This market offers gateways and stumbling blocks for both buyers and sellers and you need to know what these are to make the right move. There are no shortcuts for market knowledge, experience and results anymore.   Remember, a high tide floats all boats, but a rough sea shows how strong the boat really is.      


Contact me.   I am currently putting together my business plan for 2009 with the simple goal of saving my buyers and sellers time and money and would love to share these programs with you.   I would love to meet you in person (or by phone appointment) to help you design a real estate strategy that works for you in the months and years ahead.   Simply e-mail or call anytime.   Thank you.

All the best,

Robbie Bunting


direct 842-0805

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