We need your help.  While we think we know where you are in motivation, we do not want to guess.  So if you would,  please take a moment, hit reply and let us know your number.   We’re all unique individuals, so you and your spouse may each have a different motivation threshold for achieving this sale, so let us know both of these numbers.  


What is your number?  (We wrote out what these numbers mean to us)

10.      (You need to get it sold now and will do whatever it takes.)

9.          (You are very motivated to get it sold in 3 months or less.)

8.          (You will consider a meaningful value adjustment) 

7.          (You will let agents show it anytime and will entertain any offer) 

6.          (You will consider suggestions to help you sell it including de-clutter & staging)

5.          (You have a reason to sell it now.)  

4.          (You hope it sells and hope you get your number.)

3.          (You wish it would sell and are holding your breath.)

2.          (You do not want to do anything, but want more showings)  

1.          (You do not care if it sells or not)


Is there anything you see in the future that can increase your motivation to sell or inspire you to take action to move off your number above?  If this number ever changes either up or down, simply e-mail us right away.  We are thankful for you and look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Think SOLD!

Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers


P.S.  If you are a 9 or 10, check out the 29 Essential Tips to sell your property fast attached above!