Did you know that we have placed our properties on over 28 web sites worldwide?  There is not an agent or company that lists their properties on more web sites.  This takes both time (Jane’s) and money (mine), but gives our properties incredible exposure.  Just one of these web sites gets our properties in front of:


  • 700 firms
  • 5,500 offices
  • 170,000 sales associates
  • 38 countries world wide.


We receive regular referrals from this web site from agents all over the world that have clients moving into the area.  We pay them a referral fee upon the successful closing from our commission.  


As the use of the internet continues to increase in every day real estate searches we want to increase our exposure of our properties.  Today, we have subscribed to a company that will provide several virtual tours of each property we have listed.   Our research shows that buyers spend more time looking at a property that offers great photos and virtual tours.  



By the way, the virtual tour company that we have chosen will also post our properties on their web site which is ranked in the top 15 real estate web sites worldwide.  Our properties are listed on many of these web sites including the number one web site REALTOR.COM which we upgraded to a premier level.  


We are working hard to market our properties.  Thank you.

Our best~

Robbie Bunting 

& Jane Hyers