Dear Future Buyers,

If you are thinking of buying property now or in the near future on Hilton Head Island, don’t take a chance on time. The real estate market is dishing up some fabulous properties that not only offer incredible pricing with impeccable condition and fabulous locations. That said, below is a true story about waiting to buy.

In 1986, I met Ron a potential buyer for a second home near the beach at our furnished Huntington Model. Ron was my first real contact with an IBM engineer. Ron was a pipe smoking, Volvo driving analytical. Needless to say, for the next three years we spoke on the phone or met numerous times reviewing square footages, villas for sale, homes for sale and compared price per square foot as it related to location to the beach.

I should also mention that in those years, inventories were high and prices were still adjusting as the 1986 tax laws changed the deductions allowed on multiple properties. We were in a market pretty much the same as we are today. Finally after three years Ron settled on the place we first met, a three bedroom Huntington Villa. I believe he got a furniture package included, but paid pretty much the same price he would have paid in 1986. The one thing Ron did lose while we over analyzed the market was the time he could have had with his wife and grand children enjoying it.

A few years passed by and I saw Ron again and we laughed about our search together and the formulas we developed. I asked him how the villa was working out and did he have any regrets. He told me then that the only thing he regretted was not doing this three years earlier. To finish the story, a few years ago I had a call from Ron’s wife to tell me that he had passed away.

How much time are you willing to lose waiting for a sign, or the right time or the right price? You just cannot take a chance on time and when you are finally ready, I now have all the formulas thanks to Ron!

Hilton Head Real Estate