Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Associates ~

Here are few ways for Sellers and Buyers to make a move today! We look forward to customizing a strategy for you! Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers

1. Sell Short and Buy Short ~ For the re-buyer (if you own something already and want to move up) timing is on your side. Right now, you can save thousands of dollars by selling your current property “short”. The smart money is doing this right now! In fact, last week we had two transactions where the sellers sold short, but bought shorter. The savings were huge! Sounds strange, but look at the example below.

Seller of a property sells their existing property for less in order to facilitate a quick sale(they priced it below the others and get it sold). When they sell, they than purchase a more expensive property for approximately the same percentage* less than they sold their property fore but end up with a higher dollar amount than it costs them. Although the shorts are not always the same, the timing in this market is excellent for us to help you save money and move up!

2. Buy a foreclosure ~ If you want your share of stimulus money it makes sense right now to buy a foreclosure. Banks are being forced to sell their foreclosure inventories at reduced prices just to get them off their books. Most of the banks would rather take less today than wait another 30 days for more. We have a top ten list of the best rental or residential foreclosures on the Island we can email to you. Let us know if you want to get your share of the stimulus money.

3. Trade in Old Bessie! ~ In the present market, some sellers will consider trades and are more amenable to creative offers. I have traded timeshare units as downpayments for villas, Palmetto Dunes Homes for Hilton Head Plantation homes, a villa for a brand new waterfront home and even rare gold coins for a beach house, seriously! Trades allow you to move around without having to sell something first. We have a list of trades we would love to share with you, simply email us and mention trades.

4. Buy and rent ~ The opportunity this real estate market offers a buyer is the timing of three including historically low real estate values, the best properties and the lowest interest rates we have ever seen. But what if it does not match your timing? In the late 1980’s we had the same market that we do now. In order to help our clients take advantage of the low prices, low interest rates and availabilty we started our buy and rent program until they were ready to make a move.

One of our clients recently purchased a home and his payment was less than $1,500 a month on a beautiful home that had a rental forecaste over $2,000 per month. At this rate we told him to buy more! The benefits include getting your foot in the door, building equity and seizing a fantastic real estate opportunity! As investors and future residents buy and rent, this is helping our market turn around.

Bottom Line, the market is moving. The key is to get in the market when you can find a great property, get a great interest rates and buy at a great price. Give me a call or shoot us an email and lets evaluate what this timing can afford you. Thank you.

Positive Energy & timing to you…

Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers
800-932-3652 or 842-0805

P.S. – You can’t stop the boomers!

* Negotiations will vary.