Dear Clients, Friends and Fellow Associates~
We would like to share our monthly market trend reports with you.  This crystal ball or trend report tells us where the most robust (busiest) price segments of the market are.  It will show us the active number of listings and the sales that occur each month in each pricing segment.  It also give us an actual listing to sale price, the days on the market and the number of months of inventory.
The most critical information that a Market Trend Report will convey is what we call the “Big Three”.  The Big Three are the 3 most vital statistics for any market place in any price range.  The big three statistics are as follows:

1.  Average number of listings taken vs. Average number of sales in a given period which will give us the number of months of inventory that we have.  

2.  Average Days on the Market for properties that do sell when they are correct in price.  

3.  Average List price to Average Sales Price which is an indication of negotiation and the firmness of the market.   

This information is a snapshot of how the market place has performed in the recent past, which is often a good predictor of future market performance.  If you have any specific questions about the market or would like to receive these reports send us an email.  We are very familiar with these reports and know how to interpret them for you.
Enjoy Summer…below are some fun ideas for packing for the beach, things that are happening and some helpful real estate links for you to enjoy!  
  Get Ready for your Beach Vacation!

We thought the following packing list and a few cool things happening in the next few weeks would be helpful…

Fun Stuff:

1. Summer Savings Package…Book before 6/8/09 & receive 10-30% off all   daily or weekly rentals through 8/31/09(email us for more information.)
2.  HEADLINERS at Tunes & Brews Wednesday – June 10, 2009~ 5-8 pm at the Shops at Sea Pines Center
3.  Beach Bum Triathlon at Hilton Head Island – June 13, 2009

4.  Menopause the Musical…June 9-July 26, 2009 (Arts Center)
5.  Average Air Temperature 86 ~ Ocean Temperature 82 FULL MOON –    Sunday June 7th

6.  Email us and we will send more ideas!


Beach Packing List


Light colored swimsuits ~ It makes your skin appear tanner!
Camera~ bring zip lock plastic bags to protect them at the beach

Sunglasses that are polarized…Wal-Mart fishing section has the best!

Sunscreen ~  every two hours or after swimming/strenuous activity.

Flip flops ~ the cheaper the better…

Sneakers or tennis shoes depending on where you’re from
Sweat pants/sweatshirt(cold movie theaters)

Towels, buy them here, they are cheaper!

Lip Balm ~ No one likes chapped lips
Jam Box or IPOD for the beach.

Bring along some detergent (packing light is cool)

Bring a tiny flash light so you can find your way on the dark bike paths

Beach Umbrella, Folding chairs, Sand toys for kids are cheaper here!

A large mesh beach bag is good to haul all this stuff to and from the beach


Lastly, put together a beach first-aid kit. It should include things such as Aloe Vera cream, sunburn reliever, band aids and anti-bacterial ointments. Don’t forget the over the counter pain relievers and be sure to add any prescription medications that your family may need while they are traveling. 


Have fun at the beach, but be sure to take a look at real estate.  2009 will go down in the books!  Right now, we are selling some of the best real estate we have ever seen.  Buyers are being rewarded for making offers in this market. 

The real estate links below are interesting and can be very helpful.  By the way, if you need wireless internet access while you are on the Island, just pop by my office(#6 Queens Folly Road at the front entrance to Palmetto Dunes). Let the receptionist know you do not need any help, Robbie said it was O.K.


Cyber Homes   Click here to get some cool information about your property or the property you are looking at by simply adding your address of your current property.

Annual Credit Report   Are you ready to buy?  This service is free with Equifax, TransUnion or Experian.


All the best…Robbie Bunting and Jane Hyers

Before you print this e-mail, please think of our environment. Thanks!