Breaking News: Tax Credit Can Be Used on Closing Costs. Call Me For Details! 

FHA-approved lenders were recently given the green light to develop bridge-loan products that would allow first-time buyers (anyone who has not owned a home in the last three years) to use the benefits of the federal tax credit “upfront.”


Under these HUD developments and ! guidance, FHA-approved lenders can develop bridge loans that buyers can use in different ways. Most notably, you could use it to help cover closing costs, possibly buy down your interest rate, or even offer more than the minimum 3.5 percent down, which would allow you to make a stronger offer—a key strategy in some markets where first time buyers are competing with investors in specific price ranges.


Note: HUD officials indicate that the loans can’t be used to cover the required minimum 3.5 percent down, only to supplement the down payment. In addition to this new development, there remain many state, local and nonprofit lender resources and programs for buyers needing help with t! he 3.5 percent downpayment. (Call me to see which resources you might qualify for) 


These new developments, combined with the (up to) $8,000 tax credit and the historically low prices and still low mortgage rates, make this an opportune time to buy. Call me for a free consultation to discuss your specific opportunities and situation. The tax credit is only good through 2009, so now is the time to take advantage and not get caught in the crunch toward the end of the year when procrastinating buyers will scramble to buy before the tax credit expires.