The top 15 reasons to buy real estate on Hilton Head!

1.  Hilton Head is a driving market from almost anywhere!

2.  Money is cheap right now and everyone needs a home or a place to recharge!

3.  Short selling allows you to short buy in this market.

4.  You will find great locations.

5.  Your kids will thank you someday.

6. Real Estate is not as volatile as stocks.

7.  You can Vacation in your second home investment. 

8.  Real estate loans ARE available.

9. A new baby boomer turns 60 every 7 seconds   (approx. 8,000 a day).

10.  Real estate is temporarily on sale.

11.  Buy when it’s low and be happy.

12.  Sellers are reading the same thing buyers are!

13.  The country needs you to!

14.  High Supply gets you the best pick!

15.  Real Estate always leads us out of tough times!

Your business is truly appreciated.  We thank you for continued trust, your business and the referrals.   


Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers