Dear Clients, Friends and Fellow Associates~

This Fall we are pleased to be offering a FREE 1 year AHS warranty with the purchase of one of our listings or sales.  Our buyers and sellers will get this absolutely free.  If you are an agent we will pay for this on behalf of your client if you sell one of our listings.  If you are a buyer we will include this service with our $500 Travel Allowance when you Fly & Buy this fall!

Happy Fall Buying Spree! 

Robbie Bunting

& Jane Hyers

AHS® Home Warranty available for all life’s events

Many people are not aware of home warranties until they are involved in a real estate transaction, but AHS® offer its home warranty directly to you regardless.

Selling your house – AHS® Home Warranty is the perfect marketing tool. It can help your house sell faster and for a higher price.

Buying a house Buying a new house is an exciting experience. It is also probably the largest investment you’ll ever make. Problems don’t move out when you move in.

Currently living in a home A home warranty from AHS® allows you to focus on more important things in life than repairs.

Rental property or vacation home An AHS® Home Warranty is convenience for those with tenants who like to request service in the middle of the night.

Taking care of a parent or your child’s home An AHS® Home Warranty can’t prevent system or appliances form breaking down, but it can help make covered repairs or replacements easier and less costly.

AHS® is a nationwide provider  just tell us where your home is located

Regardless of age, make, model, or dwelling type


The covered items must be domestic grade and in good working order at time of purchase. Commercial grade items are only covered specified by the manufacturer for use in a residential application.

Consider your dwelling type – AHS® has a home warranty for your residential dwelling and does not require the dwelling to be owner-occupied. Residential dwelling must be under 10,000 square feet types include single-family homes, new construction, condominiums, townhouses, mobile homes and multiunit dwellings.

Since your home is one of your biggest investments, it only makes sense to protect it. Right?

AHS® covers many of the most frequently used items items we as homeowners take for granted until something breaks down.

Customize your coverage Select from many packages available for your dwelling and life’s event. Whether you are going through a real estate transaction or a current homeowner. AHS® has a home warranty plan for you. Several option packages and single item options are available to customize your plan to fit your individual budget and lifestyle. No home inspection necessary!

Did you know that there is a 60% chance that a major system or appliance in your home will fail in the next yearo repair and replace

Average retail replacement costs System and appliances are becoming more and more complex, making them more costly to repair and replace. Check out some of the average retail repair and replacement costs for many common home systems and appliances.

An AHS® Home Warranty can be a helpful financial management tool. It helps protect you against many of the costs associated with repairs and replacement that could put a serious dent in your budget.