Robbie Bunting’s Pass or Fail exam for sellers on Hilton Head:

  1. On a 1-10 scale how would you rate your motivation to sell?
  2. Describe the condition of your property on a scale of 1-10?
  3. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the location or view?
  4. Have you thought, heard or know how much you would accept for your property?  What would it do to your plans if you couldn’t sell it at that price?
  5. How much do you owe on the property?  Any 2nd mortgages or home equity loans?  Are you current with your mortgage?   
  6. Is your motivation to get a certain price greater than your motivation to sell?
  7. Where do you think the direction of market is going?  UP, DOWN  or SAME (Circle one)
  8. Is there anything you see in the future that can increase your motivation to sell or inspire you to take action?
  9. Do you understand the correlation between showings and selling?
  10. Do you understand “time value of money”?.
  11. Do you know what a short sale is? Do you think you are in one right now?
  12. Which factor below is important in selling your property ?(circle one)
  • What you paid for it
  • What your neighbors property sold for
  • What you owe
  • What the improvements cost
  • What you want
  • Market Price

In today’s market place it is not getting on the market that matters, it is proper pricing.   Please note this is a pass or fail exam.  If you pass you will most likely sell your property this year, if you fail make up exams will be next year.   

Please fax your answers to 1-866-680-1137 and we will send  you your grade.  Thank you.

For our Seller’s Success!

Robbie Bunting &
Jane Hyers