Ideas to Get Your Property SOLD in 2009

Marketing Ideas for Sellers in Challenging Markets  

  1. Since buyers have multiple choices in this market, the condition of the property is critical to the sales process.  The property must be near perfect to receive offers.  The homes that sell first are priced right and are in great condition.  (We are at an all time high in listing inventory on Hilton Head; the buyers can simply pick and choose and select the best property and value for them with little pressure to purchase.)
  2. In order to receive offers, we must be #1 in position within your neighborhood in terms of price, condition, and location.  If we are not #1 in all three categories, we must be #1 on price.
  3. The property must be easy to show and convenient to all Buyers and Agents.
  4. Creativity Counts!  Consider giving buyer concessions to trigger an offer.  These concessions could be anything from paying down interest rates, making 6 months of payments for the buyer in advance, paying down the buyer’s credit cards and /or repainting or re-carpeting the property.
  5. Consider writing an offer to the buyer to see if they will consider purchasing the property.  This has been successful for a number of agents across the U.S.
  6. Determine your net, net, net bottom line and let’s work towards getting the price in line with that position.
  7. Consider getting a conventional appraisal on the property to support the price and value we have established for your home and adjust if necessary.  The appraisal will help to support your value and price when the buyer applies for their mortgage.  However, please note the buyer’s mortgage company will not use this appraisal and will order their own independent appraisal. 
  8. Consider accepting the first offer.  Many times the first offer is the best offer.  Also in this market, the first offer might be the only offer.
  9. Consider offering a 4 or 5 % commission to the selling agent so the property is more appealing to the other agents.  This will provide the agent with additional incentive to show your property.  Therefore, they will be more likely to show your property versus the competition.
  10. Understand the market has changed and we must work together to get showings and offers.  Review your motivation to sell so we can get the best offer the market will bear.