Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Associates~

Buyers in the recent past have been a lot like my hound dog.  Every once in awhile you get their attention, but if a butterfly floats by or a poor day on the stock market takes place, the buyer and the hound head off in a different direction.  I started thinking about this the other morning when I was out walking my hound dog Sheeba.  As she poked around looking for scent, I called her several times and finally got her attention.  As she started heading in my direction, something distracted her and off she went back on her original course. 

My buyers were a bit distracted too.  Given the news in the economy in the past year, many buyers simply could not focus on anything including real estate. Every day  now it seems that there are fewer distractions.  In fact,  our Island’s real estate inventory went down last month for the first time in over a year.  With this supply decrease sustained we will start seeing a turn take place because real estate is governed by the simple law of Supply and Demand!

Inventory drops 4.5% on Hilton Head Island!

Transactions in HHIMLS      
Year to Date July 2008 & 2009          
  Entire MLS (all areas) # Sales $ Volume DOM Active  
  2008 Homes 997     501,219,616      137       2,742 *
    Villas 324     126,943,152      172       1,270 *
    Lots 136       41,552,800      206       1,884 *
    Shares 26         2,087,600      171            78 *
    Total           1,483     671,803,168         5,974  
  2009 Homes 808     336,262,496      138       2,619 **
    Villas 263       67,745,152      187       1,235 **
    Lots 86       21,298,970      216       1,734 **
    Shares 16         1,008,000      245          116 **
    Total             1,173     426,314,618         5,704  


One thing that is always true, Sheeba comes running for food.  That said, when buyers start feeling and seeing this stability in the market place, they will all come running at once, too.   The problem with this is that we are an Island with a very limited and finite number of properties. 

I will keep calling you!  I call this “caring persistence”.  My advise though if you want your piece of paradise now is to not wait for my call!  My number is 800-932-3652 and my email is  I look forward to talking soon.  Thank you.

Happy Hilton Head~

Robbie Bunting &
Jane Hyers

P.S.  ~ As this market continues to improve properties on Hilton Head Island will disappear and be replaced with less negotiable and higher priced properties!