Hound Dogs and More!

Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Associates~


Buyers in the recent past have been a lot like my hound dog.  Every once in awhile you get their attention, but if a butterfly floats by or a poor day on the stock market takes place, the buyer and the hound head off in a different direction.  I started thinking about this the other morning when I was out walking my hound dog Sheeba.  As she poked around looking for scent, I called her several times and finally got her attention.  As she started heading in my direction, something distracted her and off she went back on her original course…+++CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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There is a lot of good news in our real estate market right now with several oceanfront homes recently sold, a decrease in inventory levels in both homes and villas and some real low interest rates for loans over $417,000.  Our market is moving, how about you?


All the Best~

Robbie Bunting
& Jane Hyers 


P.S.  Perfect weather for Bistro 17(no gate pass required).   The owner told me to mention a FREE glass of wine with lunch* or a bottle at dinner*.  Our favorites include the peppered mustard salmon salad, french onion soup, frittatas and pommes frites(fries)…bring along your dog because they are pet friendly….*See their coupon on the website or mention you saw it on Robbie’s Blog.


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