Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Associates~

Don’t be a Dinosaur.  The real estate market is changing quickly and as a buyer, seller, or agent there are some great opportunities that come with this change.  These changes will take place and there is nothing we can do to stop them.  While other conditions are simply beyond our control we believe that OUR TOP TEN LIST FOR REAL ESTATE SURVIVAL IN 2009 can help you buy a home, sell a home or earn a commission.  If you are ready to make a move here are some suggestions for this changing market:

The Top Ten List for Real Estate Survival in 2009

  1. Communicate – Information now travels at the speed of light and because of this we are expected to respond  faster.  Let’s all communicate faster right now!
  2. Embrace – Technology will continue to change the way we do business.  In fact, today 90% of all buyers research real estate on the net…this in unbelievable.  Let’s embrace technology right now!
  3. Network – Do not take for granted your old networks will be as reliable as they were for you in the past.  Business and the people in it are changing.  Look for new networks right now!
  4. Research –  Do you really know what market or situation you are in? Reliable information is now readily and easy to gather.  There is no excuse for not finding the information you need to move.  Call your agent or go to the net to find some answers right now!
  5. Build up –  Sell the sizzle, not the steak!  In other words build the value and not try to sell the price.  Just one idea but sellers and agents should team up and provide a list of  buyer benefits their real estate offers.  Benefit lists should include all the improvements and special features of the property and the community.  These lists should be shared with other agents and their clients in a checklist format via email or by flyer.  Some  more ideas include CLICK HERE TO READ MORE+++.  Let’s all sell the sizzle and build up the value of our properties right now!
  6. Phone – Pick up the phone and turn off the computer.   With the advent of the internet we have stopped calling and settled for email to correspond important thoughts and messages.   Use the net for backup communication only. Let’s all call someone on the phone right now!
  7. Encourage – Buyers, agents and sellers  need encouragement from each other.  It is amazing how a sincere rah-rah can move a deal into closing.   A pat on the back or a “from the heart” encouraging word goes a long way.  Tell someone “good job, good job” right now!
  8. Perseverance – Never, never give up.  If you are a buyer keep calling your agent.  If you are a seller keep calling your agent.  If you are an agent keep calling your sellers, buyers and other agents.  Agents, buyers and sellers are throwing in the towel too early.  In this market we all must keep pushing each other harder.  It may take more time and effort right now, but WE CAN DO IT right now!
  9. Ask –  I am a subscriber to “the green eggs and ham” closing technique.  Just keep on asking!  Never settle for indecision.  Go ask someone right now!
  10. Move – The market is busy and it requires all of us to move.  If you are a buyer or seller, it is time to move and there are agents ready to help.  Let’s all move right now!

We have the resources, networks and communication that can help you get to where you are going.  In fact, our latest Market Trend Report can show you how to take advantage of this market today. 

If you are ready to make your move… give us a call.  We will do all of the above and then some!

Working in Paradise~


Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers