Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Associates~

Here’s the scoop.  Purchasing a lot is a great way to build equity and a future plan. For most future residents, a lot purchase on an Island makes sense because it does not require a lot of expense or maintenance.  Of course,  many of our lot owners hold these properties and build on them or sell them some day.  In the meantime, they build equity and get their foot in the door.  

Realize the dream.  Think about the first time you crossed the bridge or the last time you walked on the beach.  If you want to to think about it on “the way home” be sure to pick out two lots, as it is quite likely one will sell. 

As agents we should mention lot ownership with all our buyers.  Lots are the easiest form of ownersip on Hilton Head.  We currently have lots that are being sold at land values that are hard to pass up.  Some even offer owner financing.  In fact, right now Realtors are even buying lots because of the values they offer.  It is that good!

Remember “whoever owns the last lot on Hilton Head wins!”

Call on us.

Happy Selling!

Robbie Bunting and Jane Hyers