Dear Palmetto Hall Owners~

Linked below, please find a copy of the September 2009 Palmetto Hall Market Report. Please click on the underlined link below to find your Market Update in adobe format.

        If you cannot open this, please let us know.         

We are pleased to report our recent  sale of #8 Cherry Hill Lane which is now pending.  There was also one lot sold in our community. 


Currently we are working with buyers and agents on our other properties.  I would strongly encourage anyone that has a vacant lot beside their property to buy it now.  Lot prices have never been this low.


Please give us a call anytime.

All the best~


Robbie Bunting 

Palmetto Hall’s Top Realtor Since 1991
P.S.  Regarding your recent assessment notice.  Please note the market values are as of 12/31/07.  If you are considering an appeal it is suggested that sales used to defend the appeal be within six months before this date.  The assessors will acknowledge any sale that was pended before this date but there is no sales six month after 12/31/07 general rule.  I have used listings if they were listed before the 12/31/07 date and help demonstrate to value.