Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Associates ~  

Jane Hyers and I have made it our big fat audacious goal to “Provide exceptional service, create raving fans & help our clients succeed” 

We knew when we made this goal that it would become our mantra and we would never be able to settle for less.  This goal is always in front of us and we can never completely achieve it without hard work and dedication.  We also recognized that the only way in which we would be able to exceed our Hilton Head sellers expectations is to first know what they are.  Therefore we created the worksheet below:

Raving Fans Worksheet


We are always pushing hard to increase our level of service for our clients.  Our constant search for knowledge of marketing and market trends pushes us to do better for our clients.  

From these efforts we are helping our clients achieve their goals and in return are recieving some fantastic testimonials from sellers and buyers that have worked with us, not just the first time, but through multiple transactions.  We are always looking for areas of improvement and are prepared to work hard to create more raving fans. 

In summary, we would love to have your suggestions and feedback.  If you would take a few minutes and fill out the worksheet attached it will help us meet and exceeed your needs.  If you should feel compelled enough to include a testimonial from working with us, we would be very appreciative.  Just fill in the last few lines and fax it back to 1-866-680-1137.  Thank you! 

All the best,


Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers