Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Associates ~

A long time ago, a fellow agent pulled me aside and said, “Robbie, clients really do not care know how much you know, until they know how much you care!”  This has helped shaped my future dealings with all buyers and sellers.  Along the way though I have also learned that buyers and sellers want a few basics before they get down to business.  These basics include competence, confidence and an intent statement.  They become a road map for the sales process to flow smoothly.  +++CLICK HERE to read about freebies, competency and intent!

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We are building our business on each success, this is a recommendation written by one of my clients recently:

“Robbie is efficient, personable and effective. Always gets answers, always stays on track, always listens and does whatever is humanly possible to work with your through a project. Highly recommended.”

Enjoy Fall on an Island~~

Robbie Bunting

& Jane Hyers


P.S.  This is the time of year to think cozy and intimate.  la famiglia is located in Plantation Center behind Santa Fe and offers a great Eggplant Cutlet Parmigiano at lunch.  CLICK HERE+++ for four special offers.