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If you live on an Island, you need to get out in a boat.  We met Captain Hancock the other day.  He is a great guy and runs charters out of Shelter Cove Harbor.  The nice thing about inshore fishing with a local guide is you can catch some great fish without traveling very far.  Check out his “Fishing Inland” article and call him to schedule a weekend or your next visit.  It is all about the water…R

What’s Inshore Fishing on Hilton Head in 250 Words or Less?

That’s a tough one.  Let’s start by defining inshore.  Inshore is a term used for all waters inland of the embarkation line.  This is an imaginary line that separates island water from offshore waters, in most cases where the ocean meets the sound.  This includes all the rivers that come together to form the sound, the expansive mud flats, and curling feeder creeks that look like wandering arteries into the salt marsh.  All of these ebb and flow twice a day much like a heart beat carrying detrius, a soupy mix of plankton made up of decaying plant and animal material, back to the ocean.  This is what gives our local waters its distinctive green color.

Next, let’s list some of the fish that you can catch there.  These nutrient rich waters are home to a variety of game fish that include greats like the redfish (a.k.a. spottail bass), the picture perfect speckled sea trout (the king of camouflage), the flounder, and the sheepshead, a likely character from a dentist’s worst nightmare.  In addition to these resident fish, Hilton Head’s inland waters plays host to a number of migratory fish that included thirteen different species of shark, the especially tasty cobia, and the notorious tackle-buster known as the tarpon.  All of which present great opportunities to hone you skills as an angler.  So, whether its sitting in calmer waters eyeballing a cork or experiencing a 100+ pound tarpon tail-walking across the surface of the water, doing its best to break your line and your will, you’ll find what you’re looking for inshore!

Captain Alec Hancock