Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Associates~

The next four months or on Hilton Head Island will be busier than ever before.  The market has been building with 3 properties selling per day in October and in November we are now averaging 4 properties sold per day.  We will see more sales in the “off season” as buyers rush to grab the lower interest rates and better properties offered. 

Opportunity is when luck and timing collide.  If you are lucky enough to visit Hilton Head Island this winter you will discover timing.  The low interest rates, the return of the stock market and the buyer tax credit will affect our limited supply of real estate during our off season this year.  Of course, the “off season” offers many reasons to visit including “off season” access, “off season” accommodations, “off season” pricing, “off season” negotiations, “off season” weather and bottom of the market.  A buddy of mine told me  recently “the real estate bottom is so close, you can reach out and touch it”.  We are now negotiating bottom or below bottom!

Bottom will wait for no one.   Take action now and book a trip to Hilton Head Island this November, December, January or February.  Prices are now stabilizing and properties are selling.  If you wait until spring, you will pay a higher price   Call your REALTOR today.  Before your arrival have your agent set you up with a  free private MLS Link to start getting you familiar with the properties offered.   This is a great way to do some research prior to your arrival via internet. 

You will lose money if you wait.  Interest rates are set to go up in March 1% or more.  This means you will lose 10% of your purchasing power if you wait til summer.  Make your plans now.  We have lenders that contact us daily with money offers that are beyond belief, we have Jumbo lenders that have 80% Jumbo Money and very low rates.  In fact, we have Interest rates that start as low as 3.5%.  It is important to ask your Realtor to put you in touch with a lender before your visit.  Money talks when you negotiate and by spending a few minutes with a lender on the phone, you will save a few thousand dollars(or more) in your negotiation.  Be sure to ask your lender for a  prequalification/comfort letter!  This is almost the same as a cash offer when it comes to negotiating. 

You will lose the best property if you wait.  We currently offer for sale the power of three including superior locations, incredible interiors and unbelievable pricing.  These properties always sell first.  If you wish to take advantage of these you must make plans to visit the Island before everyone else does.  Although this has been a constipated market in the past, everything is moving now!  Some of the best Hilton Head deals include a 1.5 million architectural home now offered for only $849,000, a new oceanfront under $4, incredible villas $400 –  ,unbelievable homes under $800k, fantastic estate homes over $800k +, unbelivable villas over $400, and chance of a lifetime land opportunities, these properties and locations cannot be beat!

Buy in the “off season” and enjoy it “in season”!  If you are like most of our visitors to Hilton Head, you travel to Hilton Head Island during the seasons of spring, summer and fall.   The reason we are telling you to act now is that we don’t want you to be upset when you visit!  The best deals will be made this winter.  In fact, no one can argue that we will ever have better properties, better prices, better locations or better interest rates than we have now.   Market has created opportunity, one that we most likely will never see again!   

From an Island that offers opportunity,

We are~

Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers

P.S. ~ The last 4 recessions were officially announced an average of 522 days (17 months) after they were over.  How are you going to get the best property at the best price?  Buy it in our off season and enjoy it in season!