All companies are not the same on Hilton Head Island. 

Many of the boutique real estate companies are listing companies and not selling companies.  Their company profile is typically 25% sales, 75% listings.  Right now these companies are having difficult times because they carry a lot of inventory.  They typically do not have the ability or people to sell their own inventory and rely on the MLS.  My company and our production is closer to 50/50 with a strong focus on selling.  In fact, that is how we personally finished up 2009.

All salespeople are not the same on Hilton Head Island. 

No one within or outside of our company can provide you a higher level of service, better market exposure and better results than Jane and I.  We are focused, we are positive and we can get agents to make a move.  We also email all agents weekly on your property and push them to stay focused and make a sale (sometimes these agents need a boost to get the job done).

Jane Hyers and Robbie Bunting offer you the following advantages:
• Magnificent Communication
• True Focus
• Better Exposure/Marketing
• Great systems and work philosophies
• Results

The benefits to you include:
• More agents in your villa
• More Potential Buyers
• Shorter Days on the Market
• Faster adjustments to meet market changes

Our unique relationship works  in this changing market. 

We know what we want and we work our very best to achieve it.  I personally have been selling real estate for 25 years with Dunes Marketing Group.  Jane Hyers worked for the Hilton Head MLS for 3 years before we started working together 5 years ago.   We know the agents very well, we know the Island and we know real estate.  Our relationship with Island Realtors is better and we are always pushing ourselves to become better.  We want to create raving fans by helping our buyers and sellers succeed by providing exceptional service.  We look forward to your inquiries.