How good is your memory?

Do you remember real estate prices in 1990?  I was digging through my archives and found this article “Agents Snubbing Listings with Unrealistic Prices”  The article is very appropriate today, even though it was written in 1990.  Many sellers were listing their properties with undrealistic prices and agents and buyers were snubbing than as they are now!

Buyers are looking and buying everyday.

We listed a property last week and had 4 offers on it within 2 weeks.  We have another property that we listed last year and we still do not have one offer.  Basically there are only two types of sellers:  Those that are ready to sell and those that want to sell.  If you are not sure which kind of seller you are read the “Tale of two sellers”

What type of seller are you? 

If you are a seller and ready to sell or need to sell, the good news is the market has buyers in place ready to buy property.  If you are a seller that has set your asking price based on Hope or more hope, it is time to re-evaluate your goals.