Multiple offers on Hilton Head Island.

If you are a Hilton Head buyer or seller you need to know that we just sold a villa over asking price and had 3 offers on a home listing.  In fact we had 3 cash offers over asking price on one of these properties.  By the way, this property was not a short sale or foreclosure and was priced over a quarter of a million dollars.  It was far from an easy layup.  In fact, for the first 3 days after adjusting the price and before our second marketing blitz started…nothing happened on this Hilton Head property.

Buyers everywhere with the right marketing push

A good marketing blitz can make the difference.  Our goal is to sell our Hilton Head listings in 60 days or less.  In this case, we entered the property in the mls with a huge blitz.  Our agreement with the seller was broken down into two 30 day programs.  Our blitzs include huge e-mail campaigns, creative marketing programs, lots of energy, phone calls to neighbors and fliers distributed to top agents.  In  just a matter of 24 hours in our second blitz the phone was literrally ringing off the hook. 

We create a feeding frenzy and urgency by our buyers.

By morning we had 2 offers on this Hilton Head villa and we continued to build momentum.  We told these agents the highest and best offer would be accepted by the seller and they should submit their best offer by 5 p.m.  We not only received 2 more offers, we also had a few other agents scrambling to get something in writing to us.  By 5 pm we had 4 offers on our desk and our seller was thrilled.  We love creating urgency for our Hilton Head Properties by adding good positive energy, we had buyers bidding over asking price with better terms and conditions.

Our energy and enthusiasm lights up our office

We stir the pot that generates activity and excitement for our Hilton Head properties.  My assistant, Jane Hyers is one of the best pot stirrers when it comes to generating interest and her genuine enthusiasm for others is contagious.  Of course, I like to build value and add urgency as Jane adds the excitement.  The kicker is we have incredible fun when we are getting agents buzzed about a property.  The energy that our office generates on a property lights our office up! 

Our goal for our Hilton Head clients is to provide the marketing that can get a property sold.

We are strong in our marketing and genuine in our caring persistence when it comes to our Hilton Head sellers.  Our office is located in the center of Hilton Head Island and we list to sell properties on Daufuskie Island, Hilton Head Island and Bluffton.  If you would like to interview us for the possibility of marketing your property, please call us at (843)842-0805 or via email at .  Thank you