The perfect order

As in life, timing is important in every real estate transaction.  I have spent 25 years learning timing techniques for my clients and their Hilton Head properties.  These timing benefits allow my Hilton Head sellers and Hilton Head purchasers to take advantage of the market and the timing opportunities offered.

It is always best to be the first seller 

It is always best to be the first seller in the market and the first to get out.  If you are a seller waiting for buyers, chances are you have neighbors doing the same thing.  The first seller to adjust to market usually sells for more than the followers that adjust later.  Not only does the first seller save in carrying costs, they also usually create a bidding war as buyers clamor to snatch up a market driven value.  Market is determined by buyers today and a the first seller that recognizes this is the winner!

It is always best to be the second buyer

It is always best to be the second buyer making an offer on a property that has another offer already made.  The reason for this is as the second offer, you enter the negotiations to win.  In most cases the first offer entered into negotiations and started at a lower price, this makes it more difficult for the buyer to mentally move up their bid.  As a buyer, it is best to enter negotiations on a “hot” property quickly and wrap up negotiations as fast as possible so this does not happen to you.

It is always best to be the third Realtor

It is always best to be the third agent that lists a property for sale.  When a seller is not ready to accept the reality of the market, they often switch listing agents at the end of their listing term.  Many agents love these moves because the seller becomes enlightened with the passing of time.  Typically the first few agents tweak price, however by the time the listing moves to the third term and the third realtor, the seller is ready to listen to the lucky agent that has his attention.  This year, my goal has been to be more like the third Hilton Head Realtor when it comes to advising potential sellers in the market.  We accomplish this with up to date market research that helps our sellers see the market in real time.

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