Now is the time to get off the fence!

Last month in June, we rocked and sold eight properties, just Jane and I.  If you are thinking of selling, now is the time to get on the market or price your property to sell.  It will not do any good to evaluate price in December when Hilton Head Island has fewer visitors and everyone is thinking of the holidays.  Hilton Head Island is seasonal and we have buyers looking for properly now.

The Hilton Head market is surging

We have sold several properties over the phone and our marketing efforts are paying off.  For sellers this is good news if they want to sell.  It does not mean prices will escalate, it only means that there are buyers in the market.  Value is interpreted by buyers and for properties priced correctly, showings and offers are happening.  When the season is over, it will be more dificult to sell and it may require a lower price to compell buyers to make the purchasing decision.