The Director of Sales at Dunes Marketing Group, Bill Baldwin was recently quoted in the local Island Packet stating that the Hilton Head real estate market bucks the downward real estate trend reported nationally.  Now I really don’t know how a newspaper makes money, but as a Hilton Head homeowner and a realtor on the Island, I think I would read the paper more often and even advertise more frequently if the paper had more news like this in the headlines.

 Headlines Matter

A few months back a client asked me to send him some positive articles about the real estate market here on Hilton Head.  Scouring the online archives, all I could find were a few positive articles(1Island Packet Article , 2Island Packet Article, and 3Island Packet Article) locally and a lot of “other” articles from the national press.  Being a salesman, I started thinking “what ifs”.  What if we could get local people to write local articles on a regular basis reporting all the good news we have…locally. What if we submitted these articles to the local paper so it would be as easy as pulling up a “national” article for them.  What if we formed this “Local Press” to work together to develop great articles about this great Island we call home. 

Is your personal recession over?

Face it, we are not talking about anything more than confidence.  A buddy of mine quit reading the paper and watching the news recently and his business more than doubled.  The argument could be the economy improved, but this certainly was not the case.  He now feeds his mind with positive news and his economy has changed. 

We all crave good news. 

Do something about it and send us your good news.  If you would like to join the “Local Island Press”, please email us at and we will set up a schedule for articles that we will forward to the Island Packet.  If we all take a part in lifting up this economy we all will be a little better off and the paper will be selling more papers and advertisements.  It is a win, win, win!