Listed below are some of the conversation turning points we have had with our Hilton Head sellers, purchasers and fellow agents in 2010.  Of course, this is a new language that we have had to learn to react to the changing market.  All bets are off next year as the pendulum shifts to a buyers market or somewhere in the middle.


Seller Conversations:

  • Not everyone is going to get sold this year. We are not quite in that position & need to go there to get sold.
  • You are not dropping the price below market, we are going to market.
  • Our goal is that the buyer is the only one that comes to the closing table with money.
  • Need to respond to “fair market” value now.
  • There are simply no second chances to get in front of a buyer if you are positioned out of market.
  • I would rather position you to get offers than to position you out of the game
  • You have to get on an agents best buy list to get sold in today’s market.
  • In todays market you cannot price w/negotiating room.  It is easier to defend the value when it is worth it

Agents Coversations

  • If you don’t get in one of our properties in the next 45 days…it may be April before you see your next commission check.  DON’T WAIT TIL APRIL.
  • What is it going to take for your buyer to write an offer and buy this home today? 
  • This is not a short sale, but a highly motivated seller.
  • We will pay for a warranty if you will waive your inspection.
  • Tell me why the property is worth what you are asking for it.


  • The property made me stop in my tracks because it is a rippin deal and I had to call you.
  • We will see some of these properties again, but we will lose the ability to negotiate as time moves on.
  • Buyers are demanding great listings and they make an offer when they see great prices.

This is a changing market…not an up or down market.  The rules and the language has changed.  The way we did business in the past is not the way we do business now.  The 4 P’s Price, Promotion, Product, and Place must all be available for a buyer to see value and for a seller to see showings.  If you would like to add additional conversations to the above list, please email us at  If you would like to see some of the best properties ever offered in the Low Country with some incredible pricing, click here for 2010 Rippin Deals.