Take a look at time. 

I used to ask new Hilton Head buyers how much they wanted to spend, but not anymore.  Instead, I now am going to ask every buyer how many?  How many days before they buy?  How many months or years will they wait?  How many memories are they willing to miss?  In fact, a decision cannot be made until a prospective Hilton Head Purchaser places a higher value on their time.  No matter how good a deal it is!


How valuable is your time.

Let’s face it, the most valuable thing in life are the memories that we make together.  Nothing is worth more.  The reason Hilton Head Property adds value to life is that it serves as a catalyst for making these memories.  If you could place a value on a past memory, how much would this be worth?  Personally, I would not sell my fondest memories for everything I have.  How many memories are you willing to miss?

Demonstrating Hilton Head Value
Some of the best salepeople I have ever met, rarely talk about price or a specific property.  They talk about the beach, their last golf game, their dinner outan afternoon at the car show, a moonlight walk on the beach or the time they spent with fill in the blank.  Price never becomes an issue when prospective purchasers can see the value of making memories.  In fact, if the agent is really in tune with their buyers heart strings, by the time they show a property that matches the buyers present or future needs, values always seems too low.

What are you waiting for?

The bottom line is that price is being used as a crutch because the buyer does not know what they will be missing.  My suggestion is the next time you meet with a Hilton Head Realtor, tell them why you want a property and how you are going to use it.  Once you bring this out into the open, you will find more value than you ever thought existed for Hilton Head Properties.  In fact, at this point your Realtor should ask, how many do you want?