The Heritage is Tradition

As an Islander the Heritage is about an Island, it’s a celebration of spring, it is azaleas blooming, suntans, happy people and living in the Low Country.  It has become bigger than a great PGA golf tournament at the Harbour Town Golf Links.  The tournament has given everyone of us something to be proud of, something to be grateful for, something to share and celebrate and it belongs here on Hilton Head Island.


Who do you know?

If you share the same passion for this tournament, it is time that you individually take a stand.  We all know someone.  We all have a friend of a friend.  The best way to find a sponsor is to network.  Forward this email.  Call your friends and associates or email me and I will put you in contact with the best person that can present the benefits that the sponsors will recieve.  If you have not done anything to this point, you are not alone, but if each one of us contacts just one person, we will save the Heritage.

Benefits of Sponsoring The Heritage

Any company seeking a worldwide audience is a candidate for the title sponsor of the Heritage Golf Tournament.  In the past, when MCI was the sponsor, it is said that they booked $200 million in new business each year. This equated to an estimated 20 to 1 return since is is said they spent approximately $10 million a year counting what they paid for the tournament, the TV contract and their on-site entertainment.

Television coverage is extensive.

Both CBS and the Golf Channel cover the tournament. I believe there is more than sixteen (16) hours of coverage and it reaches a worldwide audience of about 300 million households.   The tournament is an economic engine for this area. The Clemson/USCB Economic Impact Study done for 2010 indicates more than $81 million in economic benefit occurs here in Beaufort County during tournament week alone, with about 1,100 jobs created and another $10 million in state and local tax benefits.

Who do you know?
Perhaps its a neighbor, a client, a friend of a friend, but one of us knows the next Heritage sponsor.  Please take a minute, reflect on your Heritage memories, pick up the phone or email someone.  It can and will make a difference.  Thank you.