Had a glass of wine with a client the other night as we admired their newly purchased villa.  We talked about the 70 degree weather we were enjoying on Hilton Head and my client mentioned that they were now thinking of making the move permanent.  Keep in mind, 10 years earlier these same clients told me they would never  consider moving from their Ohio hometown.  That was their home, Hilton Head was just a fun place they loved.  It was never considered a place to live full time.

We are not going to live forever!

As we bounced around in conversation discussing everything from work, the neighborhood and friendships, my friend turned to his wife and said out of the blue “We are not going to live forever”.  After 33 years of working for the same company making a living, it was now or never to make their move to Hilton Head.  Through the night we all reflected on the importance of this statement.  In the days that followed we looked at Hilton Head homes and lots, and lots and homes until we finally had the perfect game plan.

Send us a Hilton Head contract NOW!

We said our good bys and they left for Cleveland early Monday morning without signing the contract.  That night we recieved this email, “Please remind me why we live in the North.  Two hours south of home we ran into one the worst driving snow storms and 2 hours took 4 going between 20-30 miles per hour.  Send us a contract that closes at the end of March.”

Buy before the snow melts up North!

To seal the deal, they woke up to a leaky roof over their new hardwood floors from all the melting snow.  My friend went on to say we were going to busy in the days ahead because everyone was sick of the weather up there.  Of course with 10,000 baby boomers turning 60 years old every day and one of the heaviest snowfalls in years, my recommendation is to plan your trip early.  We have a limited number of properties on this Island and one day of baby boomers could wipe us out!  Email us at robbie@robbiebunting.com to reserve your place on Hilton Head Island or call us at 800-932-3652.