Recently, we have spotted a real estate trend that is something that we wanted to share with sellers, buyers and agents on Hilton Head Island.  Some of our Islanders are selling their homes and renting their homes back from the purchaser or renting other properties.  It is now possible that a purchaser can buy the home of their choice for their future needs and rent it until they make a move.  They may even rent it to the seller.  Who best to live in the home than the seller!

Why be house bound, when you can rent?

The demand for good quality rental homes is increasing per our good friend Keith Miller with Miller Long Term Rentals.  Keith said there has been a movement over the past several years that is building momentum where people of retirement age are selling their homes and renting.  When you ask a person about their financial statement and what their net worth is, you will characteristically find that most of their net worth is tied up in their real estate. Unfortunately, they cannot spend the equity unless they sell their home.  Typically people in their retirement years need more disposible income to live on and therefore having access to the equity funds makes more sense than to be concerned about having home ownership.  Renting releaves them from the burden of home maintenance, real estate taxes and insurances. They can leave those expenses up to the landlord and live a more care free life style.

Are you a Hilton Head Seller seller that would like to rent your house and not own it?

We have buyers that would like to buy your home and would like to rent it back for a few years.  Please email us back at or call us direct at 843-842-0805 and we will provide our sell and rent it back overview.  Just think…now you will have the time and money to travel and you can lock and leave your rental home until you return.