In 2009, the market was barely breathing.  In 2010, the market was active in price segments under $750,000.  In 2011, we are seeing  a trend on Hilton Head Island that includes steady activity on some of our higher priced properties .  This is good news for all Hilton Head sellers that are correctly positioned in the market with fair market value on properties with good condition and location.  Below is the market trend report which shows this welcomed activity on Hilton Head IslandCritical information for every seller, purchaser or agent

The most critical information that our Monthly Market Trend Report conveys is what I call the “Big Three”.  These are the vital statistics for any market place in any price range and include:

  1. Average number of listings taken vs. Average number of sales in a given period which will give us the number of months of inventory that we have.
  2. Average Days on the Market ~ This time frame applies to properties that are priced correctly for their condition and location
  3. Average List price to Average Sales Price ~ This is a direct indicator of negotiation opportunity and the firmness of the market. 

A monthly snapshot of the Hilton Head Real Estate Market

We feel that the  Market Trend Report above can impact your buying or selling decisions and would be happy to interpret it them for you.If you would like to receive this monthly report by mail or e-mail, please email us at or call Jane Hyers at (843)842-0805.  This is not only a good map of where we have been, it points to where we may be going.  Happy Hilton Head!  All the best, Robbie Bunting